CadBM is a new graphics editor for the HP50g, HP49+, HP48gII and HP49g calculators.


What can you do with CadBM?

  • Rotate, reflect, invert colors, copy, paste, erase, save, any part of your drawing.

  • Type text in your drawing.

  • Draw, move and resize geometric figures.

  • Backup of your drawing every time ( CADB directory in [VAR] menu).

  • Optional sounds feedback when drawing (Key [0] to activate/disactivate).

  • 9 Slots to save, recover and backup parts of your drawing.

  • Easy help information, just pressing the [H] key.


  • Download CadBM, decompress the file, and send the CadBM library to your calculator.

  • Install It in port 2 (Just put the library on the stack and press [2] [STO]).

  • Restart your calculator ( [ON] + [ C ]).

Start the program

  • Go the the libraries menu [Right Shift] [2].

  • Select CadBM.

  • Select Start option.

Basic functions:

  • [H] Help Menu

  • [L] Start drawing a Line

  • [C] Start drawing a Circle

  • [B] Start drawing a rectangle (Box)

  • [T] Start typing Text

  • [D] Draw (DOT+, DOT-)

  • [S] Copy (Sub)

  • [P] Paste

  • [K] Delete (Kill)

  • [M] Move

  • [E] Erase

  • [R] Rotate and Reflect

  • [ON] Exit

  • [<--] Exit

Save your Drawing

  • You can copy any parte of your drawing using the [S] key.

  • You can save this copy in any of the 9 slots available

The easy way: Use the SAVE menu ([A] key)

The other way:

[Right Shift] [1] Save copy in slot 1:

[Right Shift] [2] Save copy in slot 2:

[Right Shift] [3] Save copy in slot 3:


[Right Shift] [9] Save copy in slot 9:

Recover a copy

[Left Shift] [1] Get copy from slot 1:

[Left Shift] [2] Get copy from slot 2:

[Left Shift] [3] Get copy from slot 3:


[Left Shift] [9] Get copy from slot 9:

  • A Backup of the 9 slots is created every time you exit the program.

  • The Backup is in the CADB directory in VAR menu.

  • When you restart the CadBM, it search the CADB directory and reload the Slots.

My Favorite Functions

The Draw and Move System (DMS)

You can draw a figure, and move it any where in the screen, resize It, rotate It, and more:

1) Select inicial point (Use [C], [L] or [B] according to the figure you want)

2) Move the cursor to the final point

3) Press [Right Shift] and select final point (Use [C], [L] or [B] according to the figure you want)

Now you are in DMS mode, and you can:

  • Move the figure any where

  • Resize Its (Use the [+], [-], [x] and [Ă·] )

  • Invert Its color ([+/-])

  • Rotate and Reflect It ([R])

  • Save It to any slot (Using the SAVE menu or doing a [Right Shift] [Slot])


[+/-] Switch cursor mode (Or/Xor)

[0] Sounds On/Off

[SPC] Cursor acceleration On/Off

[ENTER] Advanced Mode On/Off

[E] Erase the drawing

The Advanced Mode (AdvM)

  • This mode activate more options when drawing figures:

      • B Black

      • W White

      • Xor Xor

      • FB Solid black

      • FW Solid white

      • FXor Solid xor

  • To activate/ disactivate this mode press [ENTER]

By Marcos NavarroLast update: April 04, 2021Copyright 2021 Marcos Navarro